Connecting and evolving the recyclingindustry

Striving to create innovative tools for the recyclingindustry that will enable easy trading of materials and goods between producers, traders and recyclers.

Recyclingcluster App

Our Goals

Unlocking the Potential of Recycling

All of these goals are designed to help businesses in the recycling industry succeed and make a positive contribution to the environment. By leveraging our innovative tools, you can increase your efficiency and profitability while also making a positive impact on the planet.

Trading of Materials

Help traders and recyclers to get the most value from their materials. Our platforms will allow them to find material, goods, and service between producers, traders, and recyclers. We also provide additional features to automate and speed up trading.

Data and Insights

Provides real-time data and insights about the recyclingindustry. This helps to make informed decisions about materials, goods, prices, and more.

Environmental Sustainability

Promote environmental sustainability. Our platform should help reduce waste and encourages businesses to adopt more eco-friendly practices. We also provide advice and guidance on how businesses can further reduce their carbon footprint.

Building multiple platforms

Streamlining the Recycling Industry with Our Platforms

Discover how you can streamline your operations and increase your efficiency by leveraging our powerful platforms for the recycling industry!

A microsite connected to Recyclingcluster, specialized in the trading of metals.
Price settlements from buyers all over the world.
Plastic Recycling Market
Another microsite connected to Recyclingcluster that specializes in the recycling and trade of plastic materials.
An innovative marketplace designed to connect recycling companies and make it easier for them to trade. With multiple micro platforms connected to the same place.
A comprehensive e-catalog containing hundreds of analyses from numerous manufacturers in the cable, telecom, and electronics industries.


Data and price information on 100+ different qualities world-wide on base metals, mixed metals, primary metals, alloys and plastics from end users, brokers, traders and scrap dealers.

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A global database for the scrap, waste and recycling industry. Recyclingcluster connects buyers, sellers, machine retailers, transport and shipping companies and businesses in construction, infrastructure, demolition and other involved industries. We aim to make the scrap, waste and recycling industry more efficient and easier to navigate.

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Through our e-catalog with hundreds of analyzes from hundreds of manufacturing companies in the cable, telecom and electronics industries, we can ensure that you get sufficient knowledge to train your own staff but also to do good and accurate business.

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+30 000 Analysis
 Our database is growing every day. Our goal is to reach 30 000+ analysis on different materials. Let's make the best scrap catalog ever.
World wide active Users
 We got users all over the world. Trading, processing and recycling companies. They are all gathered, from Norway in the north to Pakistan in the south.
3 team members
 Young company but a lot of experience.